Hypersexuality is a thing of the past

We have all heard of hypersexuality. Unfortunately for me I have experienced it numerous times. When I am manic I become hypersexual and hypersexuality is a dangerous place for me to be.

I have made many mistakes due to hypersexuality. From snogging strangers or friends, to sleeping with them and even simply flashing them.

I do regret it to this day, the sex I have had, the way I behaved, the situations I got myself in. If there was a rewind button I would definitely hit it.

However when I am stable I am a completely different person sexually. While I am bisexual when manic, I am more asexual when I am stable. I still get horny, however I do not want sex, with anyone.

I believe my hypersexuality has ruined sex for me. I disgust myself because of my decisions when manic to the point of hating the idea of sex. To say sex repulses me when I am stable would be an understatement.

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