Hospital has been crazy

I do not want to get ahead of myself because I am currently waiting for a doctor to take me off my section 3 before I can go home, but I should be going home today.

Hospital has been crazy. More specifically I have been crazy. I went in depressed after taking two overdoses in a week, only to end up manic and bouncing off the walls, going awol, refusing medication, and ending up being sent to a picu.

I am happy to put this chapter of my life in the past and move forward. I already have a plan of what is to come next.

First, I get myself back to the gym. Then I start up volunteering in mental health. Then I have a complete career switch up and become and support worker in mental health. I hope that in future I can go back to University and do a masters in mental health nursing (if possible). I have high hopes for my future and only I can make these things happen.

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