I do not like being trapped

Currently I am trapped as an inpatient in hospital on a section 2. I have no leave to go outside and I feel as though I am climbing the walls.

It is a no smoking hospital and I have to sneak ciggies into the garden in order to get my nicotine fix.

I went awol on my first leave and ended up at a random mans house in Manchester, drunk on prosecco.

I went awol on my second chance at leave and ended up at a friend’s boyfriends house, drunk on prosecco again.

I have been talking to a lad I do not know properly but when I get out of here I am going to his house and I am going to live with him where no one will ever find me.

I have been restrained and injected and placed in the low stimulus room.

Apparently I am currently manic but at the minute I am dosed up on clonazepam. I need a coffee to boost me back up in order to avoid the grief I feel of losing my nan. I want to stay in the clouds forever.

I have my tribunal on Monday in order to become an informal patient or to be discharged. I know I do not have a leg to stand on at this point and will probably lose my tribunal.

The end I am fed up

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