I have been brainwashed

So over the past few weeks I have been talking a lot about god on twitter. Not publicly, but in my DMs. Although sometimes my ramblings about god have been public.

One person in particular has been trying to sway me over to the religious side of life. At first it seemed innocent, while at the same time unbearable and overwhelming.

I avoided clicking on the videos of the 4 minute gospel I was sent etc and hoping for the best. However it got a lot worse when the person in question read my book.

A while back I had an experience with the ouija board. According to the person in question, me using a ouija board released a demon. Apparently this demon has been following me around since, encouraging me to act in certain ways. Everything mental health related that I am experiencing, is apparently because of this demon I have possessing me.

Now I am usually an atheist. However over the past 48 hours I have been in panic because I have been brain washed. This is not a mental breakdown. This is brain washing at its finest. I am terrified that this is the reality, that I am being haunted by a demon. However I am not completely gone in the head and cannot say that it is definite that I am being haunted.

In my moment of impulsivity I purchased a ouija board, three rosary beads, and angel tarot cards. They are all due to arrive within the next few days.

The only thing I can think of doing is trying to use the ouija board again (for the third time in my life) to see if it does or does not work. I am hoping that it does not work and I can go back to life as an atheist without worrying about demons.

However I am currently panicking so much to the point of not even wanting a ouija board in my house. Right now it is too late to cancel the order as it has already been shipped. I feel like the ouija board could go really wrong, but I suppose I have used it twice before and I am still here, alive and telling the tale of it.

3 thoughts on “I have been brainwashed

  1. If it helps, I’ve been told playing Pokemon Go got me messed up with demons. I replied that might have accounted for 2017 onward, but what about the whole part of my childhood where we were good little churchgoers. If demons are as busy as the fundis claim, all of geekdom would be infected, too, for playing D&D and watching sci fi. I won’t say don’t worry about it – the brain of someone with true biopyschosocial mental illness from the real sources won’t listen and that’s just how obsessions work, sadly – but I will say go tell at that guy later for doing that to you at a vulnerable time.

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